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  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist

Severe Behavior - Rehabilitation - Obedience - Polite Manners - Puppy Kindergarten and In-home Boarding

Dog Behavior Specialist

Diana, the founder of  “The K-9 Behavior Savior” is an expert in correcting dog behaviors. Specializing in working breeds and bully breeds - experienced and knowledgeable with all breeds. Rehabilitation for rescue dogs or abuse cases. Every behavior from simple leash pulling to quite determined canine behavioral issues such as aggression and fear.

Here are some of the common problems that are addressed: separation anxiety - pack hierarchy problems for multi dog households - leash reactivity - fear or phobias - all types of aggression, towards people and other dogs - doesn’t come when called, or “selective hearing”  - cohabitating with cats - bolting out the door - correcting annoying leash behavior, meaning your dog walks you - addressing and setting guidelines in preparation for the arrival of a newborn baby or introducing a newly adopted dog into your family.

Dogs are unique individuals and deserve respect and compassion. However rules and boundaries are imperative, and by them learning you built trust with your dog. They are happiest when they know what’s expected from them. Diana is strongly opposed to dominance based training - with quick fixes, that intimidate the dog and can cause long term harm and damage and therefore break the trust of the dog and human relationship. No matter if your dog has severe behavioral issues or you just want your 4 legged friend to have polite manners you will learn to effectively communicate and how to create structure for your Dog. Therefore Diana has created her trainings program  “K-9 Manners for life“ a 100 % positive  reward base training where the dog learns to focus and follow the guidance of their human. Adjusting techniques to suit each dog individual needs. Through experience and many devoted years working with dogs, Diana has developed programs that offer the best answers and solutions to the most challenging behavior issues other trainers have given up on.

Recommended by Veterinarians, Rescue Organizations, City Shelters, fellow members in the Pet Industry and other Trainers. Call me today at # 805 253-0323.

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Our mission is that we strive to maintain our excellent reputation through providing the best quality training, and safe loving care for your Pets while you are away. We provide excellent costumer service and look forward to long lasting relationships with You and your Pets.


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