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Welcome to my site! Diana, Your Behavior Savior is focused on preventing behavioral problems before they start through her "K9 Manners for Life" trainings program. But sometimes you can inheritate issues when you inheritate the dog. 

Does your dog already have ingrained bad habits or serious behavioral problems? Such as dog aggression, people aggression, fear or phobias,separation anxiety, jumping on people or just rude behavior, doesn’t come when called, "owns" the couch, takes YOU on the walk, or just simply is stubborn and has a mind of it’s own.

Are you expecting a baby and need to prepare your dog for the new arrival or introduce a newly adopted dog into your family?

Dogs are unique individuals and deserve respect and compassion, as well as boundries and limits. Rules are imperative, and by learning you build trust with your Pet. They are happiest when they know what’s expected from them. My method is positive, patient, and persistant. You will learn to not over correct. No punishment or force is EVER applied. Your dog will learn to see you as the leader.

For rehabilitation and behavior modification I apply positive reinforcement, along with desensitizing and counter conditioning techniques . No matter if your Dog has severe behavioral issues or you just want your Pet to have polite manners you will learn to better communicate and to create structure for your Pet.

I have worked with hundreds of dogs ( see bio ) and I’m recommended by Veterinarians, Rescue Organizations and fellow members in the Pet Industry.

I specialize in customized positively focused training for you and your dog . Offering pay-as-you–go private in home sessions or discounted packages. Call me today at # 805 253-0323. Learn more..

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Our mission is that we strive to maintain our excellent reputation through providing the best quality training, and safe loving care for your Pets while you are away. We provide excellent costumer service and look forward to long lasting relationships with You and your Pets.


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