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Diana is the founder of   “The K9 Behavior Savior”. Her lifelong passion for animals has led to a unique combination of education and 20yrs hands on experience with shelter dogs.

Diana was born in Munich Germany. She was a child performer and developed her talent, and became a professional ballerina. All along she had another passion and that was a strong love for dogs. Always touched by their loyalty and companionship, and also devastated by how some family pets were so misunderstood and given up, she was determined to study and understand canine behaviorism.

Coming to the USA, Diana starred in numerous commercials, TV shows and films. At that time she collaborated with other celebrities and became involved in animal rights. Seeing that there was a strong need to help unwanted, neglected and abused dogs, she then got involved with rescue organizations in southern California. Volunteering her time and focusing on working with dogs with severe behavioral issues quickly became strength. She then became strongly involved in bailing “cast offs “from animal shelters, evaluating and working with them and placing them in loving homes.

In 2005, Diana started a train and board operation on her property in Canyon Country, California. Offering private train/board for obedience, and severe cases/ rehabilitation. Particularly working with “power and working breeds”.

She relocated in 2010 to Ventura, California.  Working  primarily with owners and their dogs in the privacy of their home. Custom designed to meet the needs of both owner and dog. She has developed and teaches her program “K9 Manners for life “. Based on the psychology of how dogs think and learn - focusing on preventing issues and having a well-mannered dog for life. Her strengths are rehabilitation and working with severe behavior issues. Having the ability to relate to and understand the psychology of both humans and dogs. Teaching and relating to the pet parent what their dogs true needs are and how to 100 % positively guide the dog, so that the dog knows what’s expected from him. Therefore creating a harmonious relationship where both dog/dogs and humans are fulfilled and balanced.  She continues to volunteer at local shelters, teaches and coaches other volunteers how to handle specific dogs with behavioral issues and is frequently hired by rescue groups throughout California to work with some of the most ingrained behavioral problems that other trainers have given upon.

Diana is a member and in good standing with IAABC (International Animal Behavior Consultants) and APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).  She continues to expand her knowledge of the latest training methods thru continuing education, attending seminars and workshops covering a wide range of training and behavior topics.

Recommended by Veterinarians, Rescue Groups, Trainers, Behaviorist and others in the Pet business.

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