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"Diana is a joy! She has worked patiently and compassionately with my 1 yr old Rottweiler/ Shepherd mix, transforming him from an insecure, hyper jumping bean into a happy, secure and well mannered dog. All this with a smile and terrific professionalism." - Dr. N. Nelson

"Diana has worked with our rescue over the last 3 yrs. She has an excellent reputation in successfully working with and rehabilitating dogs. We rescue many bully breed type dogs (pit bulls, etc.) from the shelter. Diana has a great love and knowledge of this breed.
She understands how to communicate with dogs and directs them in a 100% positive way. She has helped and coached some of our volunteers how to effectively handle some of our dogs with issues, which has helped them to be adopted into loving homes. " - Maripat Davis, Founder/President, All for Love Animal Rescue

"I have 3 Pit Bulls and I needed someone to work with them They are all rescues and I needed to find the perfect trainer to understand and work with their issues. I'm not talking training to teach them how to sit,stay and roll over.I can do that myself. But someone to get into their brain, to understand what they are thinking and to help me to relate to them better so I know what to do. After searching and interviewing , I was not happy with a lot of the so called trainers.Until I found Diana. She is an incredible dog behaviorist. She explained to me how dogs brain work - how they think and what they need from all of us to live together in harmony. My female , Dosia learned to overcome her fear to the world , she was never exposed to, because she was used for breeding only, and used to freak out when we took her outside.She is now such a happy and secure dog. My red male Louie , learned how to stop lunging at bikes, skateboards and joggers. Duke , my black male used to jump 6 ft fences and flee. Now he is content and has no urge to escape anymore. He also has a high prey drive and wanted to eat the cats. Now he has excepted the cats as part of the pack. I'm also able to walk them in peace , where before it was the walk from hell. - I can call Diana anytime to get further advise or coaching if needed. I highly recommend Diana. She is very experienced and very knowledgeable with Pit Bulls. It shows through the amazing results she's achieved with my pack." - Mary Ortega Ballard

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