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  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist
  • Dog Behavior Specialist

* Specializing in all Severe Behavior - Rehabilitation * Basic/advanced Training - Obedience and polite manners - Puppy Kindergarten

Dog Behavior Specialist

Rehabilitation and unwanted inheritated behavior.
Initial consultation in your home. Behavioral issues are evaluated and addressed using personalized case specific procedures, implementing only positive structured rehabilitation and training methods. All household members should be present at this time.

K-9 Manners for Life  - 10 step program - 10 private sessions.
Extensive obedience. Based on the psychology on how dogs think and learn. Setting structure, establishing rules and therefore preventing issues. The owner learns how to effectively communicate and positively interact with their dog.  Mutual love and respect is gained and therefore life long good manners and behavior from your dog is established. Written hand-outs will be provided . You will have amazing results.

Private Obedience Training - basic/advanced - all levels.
Private sessions. Loose leash walking, commands, crate training, introducing a new dog or cat into household, socialization etc... Multi sessions available at discounted price. Or pay as we go -session by session.

Puppy Kindergarten ( private ) 2 - 6 months old.
Positive, fun, yet structured training for you Pup. Your puppy will learn to look to you for guidance, while learning basic commands. Leash walking, potty training, bite inhibition etc. For puppies under 5 months. More advanced  GRADE SCHOOL (also private)  for pups over 6 months and under 9 months. 

Phone consultations - Nationwide and Global.
Assisting with behavioral issues. Evaluation with videos. ~ Please email for phone appointment .Application must be completed prior to phone appt. Then price quote will be given. Payment via Pay Pal.

For Rescue groups local and Nationwide.
Local: Evaluations for shelter dogs. Rehabilitation. Behavior advisor, and volunteer coaching for correct and positive handling dogs with severe issues.
Rescue groups ( out of state and nationwide ) Evaluation is done through video and phone consultation or skype.

***  Please call for price quote . You can go session by session -
or purchase multiple sessions at a discount ***   

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